A new level of development

The acquisition of assets is a kind of investment in production to create useful products and services. Monopoly and FAMGA tokens combine investment, production and consumption in a single chain, rising to a new level of development.

Monopoly combines two different types of investments, two different economies, but at the same time on a decentralized platform ChainUP and beyond it you can use Monopoly as a usual means of payment for the purchase of goods and services.
But in comparison with most crypto currencies or fiat currencies: Monopoly is essentially provided with products and services of different companies.

Logical approach

The number of Monopoly coins is limited, total 99 133 226, while at the same time providing the assets with the number of coins that CHIR sold and in circulation. After converting to reserve assets, the corresponding number of Monopoly coins goes out of circulation, returning to the CHIR balance, but in case of re-sale: CHIR will simultaneously replenish the reserve with the company's assets, thereby continuing to secure each Monopoly coin.

Reliability and peace of mind

ChainIF partially or completely, will insure the reserve assets of Monopoly in order to avoid even the theoretical negative impact.

Transparency and accessibility

Basically, there will be no need to audit or verify the Monopoly balances, assets and reserves (or other reserve coins on CHIR) in the decentralized ChainUP platform, all this data will be transparent and available to everyone at any time.


ChainUP is an investment and asset acquisition as light and interesting as the game Monopoly.


With balanced investment, ChainUP makes Monopoly more flexible and profitable for investment.


Monopoly helps companies from different countries expand, creating new products and jobs.


The Monopoly coin works on the Blockchain technology, enabling you to store and use your funds in a decentralized manner.

Reserve Monopoly

List of profitable and promising companies.
                    This list will expand.

Tesla Motors


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